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John Berges
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John Berges with the Ancient Arrow Project Chamber 24 painting

A Tribute by Mark Hempel

"John Berges was one of those extraordinary combinations of a wise mind, golden heart and industrious philosopher; the kind that changes, for the better, your life’s trajectory when you encounter them. They are missed the most when they log-off from the planet, and in John’s case, I know that those who really knew him—deep in his philosophical heart and mind—they feel a hole, however small, in the fabric of humanity.

John had a way of lightening things up with his presence, but he was anything but a lightweight. I had many conversations with him over the nine years I knew him, and he always captivated me with his knowledge of the spiritual works. John was an agile thinker without any showmanship. He had a deep and reverent understanding of the arcane and mystical knowledge that had been gathered, organized and synthesized from his many decades of seeking knowledge, and he wasn’t particular about the source, or how “minted” it was in terms of publishing pizazz. John was always about substance, not show.

He retained his childhood sense of awe about life, relationships, and the simple things that can go unnoticed by a less astute observer. John was the consummate observer and participant in life’s many turns and adventures, and I believe he was such a student of life that even in his final months he had a keen sense of his ongoing adventure. I imagine John remains keenly interested in those he surrounded himself with in this lifetime, and I have no doubt that he is busy in service to all of us, in the humble, spirited ways of his soul.

I will miss him in every way a person can miss a solid gold friend."

Mark Hempel