"The Path of Unity Through the Virtues of the Heart"

(recorded at the World Brotherhood Union in Istanbul, November 2010)

The following videos were created by John Berges between 2002 and 2006.

In John's words, they were created "... out of a desire to join James’ imagery and music in a a more living, flowing format."

John developed the following video as an inspirational interpretation honoring and celebrating the future discovery of the Grand Portal - the irrefutable scientific discovery of the immortal human soul. And in John's words... "This discovery will forever change the nature of life on our planet. After the 2012-14 time period, humanity will begin an epic journey of discovery leading to this great event. Along the way many things will change. Much of what is negative in the human family will be left behind and much that is awaiting our discovery will be attained. But the one thing we have always had, but have never used enough, the love of the human heart, will finally shine forth in all its absolute brilliance and bring a new day to us all."

"The Grand Portal"

"Portal to the Tributary Zone"

"Journey of the Wholeness Navigator"