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Welcome to Planetwork

Through many years of study, we have come to believe that there is a largely unrecognized relationship existing between humanity and a group of multi-dimensional teachers. Teachers such as the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO) are planetary and cosmic. Although they guide and advise behind the scenes, they work in the manner of loving, concerned mentors and teachers. These more evolved entities never violate humanity's freewill. They never directly interfere in the affairs of humanity except to inspire and uplift the souls inhabiting the planets they serve. Their role is to guide us to our spiritual maturity, so we can join them in serving other evolving humans on our planet as well as others.

This guidance has gone on for thousands of years on earth and is now entering a more active and visible phase because humanity, the metaphorical "child," is entering adulthood. One of the first initiatives of this emergence is now present on the internet through the work of a member of the Lyricus Teaching Order, an off-planet group of teachers. This material is available to anyone with a computer and a network connection. Navigate to,, and to find out more. The materials are also available in physical print form and can be found at:

Lyricus is not the only group working in this way. We recognize that there are other planetary initiatives emerging in the world today that are inspired by spiritual teachers of our own planet. By developing and providing the tools for expanding our own consciousness, they (as well as the Lyricus Teaching Order) help us expand our own attunement to the Quantum Self, and then stand back and allow us to create, design, and build the resources to improve life on our planet as sovereign individuals. Eventually, earth’s humanity will co-create with these teachers on a cosmic scale, thus passing on to others what we have learned.

Thank you,

Darlene and John Berges
Planetwork and Planetwork Press