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These are discussions that took place between Darlene and John on different papers of the WingMakers' materials.

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Spiritual Activism
Interview With James
Living From the Heart
The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative
The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose In Human Destiny
Foundational Concepts
The Lyricus Teaching Order

Spiritual Activism

“Spiritual activism is a conscious choice to align with one’s Spiritual Center and adopt the perspectives of this Quantum Presence.”

A series of discussions based on the paper by James entitled, Evt 3: Temple of Spiritual Activism. This detailed Guide may be downloaded here:
Evt 3: Temple of Spiritual Activism

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Interview With James

This series of discussions focuses on the extensive and fascinating information disclosed by James in his text interview with Project Camelot and published in November 2008. The full text can be downloaded at

This is a long series of podcasts, as the interview is more than 60 pages in length. Note that the first four discussions were recorded in the winter of 2009.

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Q and A 1-2 (up to and including “Inter-dimensional Universe Structure”.) - 41:50
Q and A 2 (continuing from God-Spirit-Soul Complex-GSSC to Post Death Syndrome-PDS.) - 45:59
Q and A 3 (2012 and humanity’s development of the Sovereign Integral stage of consciousness.) - 42:39
Q and A 4-5 (2012 and the Collective Human Mind System (HMS) Reality.) - 41:54
Q and A 6 (The Quantum Pause and the Quantum Moment.) - 38:24
Q and A 7-9 (Ascension, Sovereign Integral. HMS and Interdimensional Beings and the Humans.) - 40:52
Q and A 10-11 (Hidden Elite, End of Time Prophecy, Channeling, Remote Viewing, Grand Portal.) - 35:37
Q and A 12-13 (Earth’s Transition, WingMakers’ Purpose, Sovereign Integral.) - 40:10
Q and A 14-18 (Anunnaki, ET Bases, Earth Changes, James’ Work, Sovereign Integral.) - 53:49

Living From the Heart

In this series of podcasts, discussion encompasses the six heart virtues, the methods of working with them, the effects of living from the heart on oneself, others, and the collective human energy field of earth.

Living From The Heart is a free download at

This is a long series of podcasts, as the interview is more than 60 pages in length. Note that the first four discussions were recorded in the winter of 2009.

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Living From The Heart 1 - 32:04
Living From The Heart 2 - 32:16
Living From The Heart 3 - 34:34
Living From The Heart 4 - 28:26
Living From The Heart 5 - 25:12
Living From The Heart 6 - 29:59
Living From The Heart 7 - 28:57
Living From The Heart 8 - 43:34

The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative

This podcast series focuses on the six heart virtues contained in the energetic heart. These virtues are appreciation, humility, valor, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. The "Art of the Genuine" is the second paper in a series, (by James) relating to the higher Self, the energetic heart, and the expression of the six virtues.

Our planet is approaching a dimensional shift that will bring a new sense of Oneness and unity to humanity. The central theme of this paper centers on our ability to live the life of the higher Self through our coherent expression of divine love and its sub-energetics, the six heart virtues. It will be a spiritual imperative for individuals to align to their deepest sense of Self in order to thrive in the heightened and expanded psycho-spiritual environment that is rapidly penetrating our world. The opportunity for rapid spiritual evolution is freely being offered to everyone on our planet at this time.

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The Art of the Genuine 1 - 35:40
The Art of the Genuine 2 - 29:21
The Art of the Genuine 3 - 33:52
The Art of the Genuine 4 - 30:16
The Art of the Genuine 5 - 36:04
The Art of the Genuine 6 - 21:53

The Art of the Genuine is a free download at

Part 1: Introduction and Our Shifting Destiny - 34:44
Part 2: A Transcendent Intelligence - 27:48
Part 3: A Choice of the Heart - 17:22
Part 4: Living Aligned and Unconflicted - 29:19
Part 5: Heart Reality - 26:18
Part 6: Focus On the Heart - 19:39
Part 7: Potentials and Choice, Heart Maps, Final Words - 33:04

The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose In Human Destiny

This series of podcasts focuses on an article written by James and published in August, 2005.

The article concerns the important role of the energetic heart in the purpose and destiny of humanity. The energetic heart can be generally equated with the heart chakra. The energetic heart is the interface between the Underivative Information Structure or universal grid of intelligent love and the third-dimensional time-space world of human living. Every human being possesses an energetic heart and thus every human being has the potential to make the choice to transfer the all-pervading energy of intelligent love into the field or grid of human life.

This is a crucial topic for our current time period. We urge anyone interested in this critical juncture in human history to read this article and listen to our discussion. Your comments and questions are most welcome and can be sent to

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Throughout the podcasts, we often mention "he" or "him." These pronouns refer to James, who authored the article and is responsible for the content of the WingMakers and Lyricus websites, either through his personal creative efforts or his translation of the Tributary Zones (see glossary and Philosophy 4 for further information about TZ).

* Permission has been granted to us for the use of the WingMakers music heard on our all our audio content.

The Energetic Heart is a free download at

Introduction - 4:31
Part 1 - 30:44
Part 2 - 32:11
Part 3 - 25:44
Part 4 - 30:14
Part 5 - 36:54

Foundational Concepts

A discussion and interview between Darlene and John Berges on foundational ideas helpful for understanding the WingMakers and Lyricus teachings. This five part series of talks recorded in March, 2007, covers many topics including the origin and destiny of humanity, our relationship to the multiverse, the survival of death, other dimensions, the rapidly approaching dimensional shift, the presence on Earth of advanced lives, and the effects on civilization of the merging of the third and fourth dimensions.

Except for the brief introduction each part is approximately 30 minutes in length. Your feedback is important to us, so please email your comments and questions to:

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The Foundational Concepts appear below as a guide to the audio discussion.

  1. Unexplained Phenomena — UFOs, Ghosts, Psychic Phenomena. The issue here does not so much concern the question of whether these things exist or not, but more importantly. the enormous implications that there are other dimensions and worlds where other forms of life exist.
  2. Dimensions. The importance of unexplained phenomena such as ufos, ghosts, etc. is that this brings up the larger question of from “where” these phenomena are emanating? The idea that physical, intelligent beings are visiting our world from other physical planets is fascinating enough. But, when we factor in the possibility of other dimensions which harbor life, we expand the possibilities of universe exploration tremendously.
    For instance, it is a fairly well known theory that alien forms of intelligent life travel to our planet through another dimension and are therefore able to overcome the enormous distances involved. But at the same time, the dimensions used to travel here may very possibly contain forms of life and consciousness independent of the physical races who utilize them to travel from physical point to physical point in the third dimension.
  3. Afterlife. Consciousness survives the death of the human body. The individuated consciousness or soul of the personality retains memories of its previous physical life and gains access to memories stored in the soul from other life experiences in various dimensions including the physical.
  4. Spirit, Matter, and Consciousness. These three components are the fundamental building-blocks of universal manifestation. These three fundamentals emerged from the Unknown Mystery. Some metaphysical and religious texts express this Mystery as being beyond all polarities of the known and unknown. This Mystery precedes the known and the unknown. It is neither knowable nor unknowable.
    Spirit is the binding force holding all things in relationship. Matter contains degrees of density which is molded into forms of expression by Consciousness. Just as matter exists at various densities, vibrations, or frequencies, consciousness exists at many stages of development. Consciousness expresses itself through matter or forms to varying degrees, from atoms to galaxies.
    Forms, as understood here, comprise more than those found in the physical spacetime dimension. Forms also exist in subjective dimensions. These can be described as the contents of the emotional and mental dimensions.
  5. Human Consciousness. Consciousness that develops to the stage of self-knowing can be called human consciousness. This stage of consciousness development is represented by the broad term “soul.” Specifically, we are speaking of the the human soul.
  6. Human Soul. The human soul’s emergence within the multiverse (the “universe” comprised of dimensions beyond the space-time dimension) is a mystery relative to why, when, how, etc.
    We are told that God or First Source generated fragments of Itself at some stage in multiverse consciousness development. These God fragment entities eventually were sent into the space-time dimension (our universe) as part of a “Grand Experiment” of exploration and creativity by First Source.
  7. Human Origin. Humanity as we understand it from our perspective on planet Earth at this time, comprises free-willed, intelligent beings apparently evolved from primates. The spiritual traditions of Earth generally agree that human souls express themselves through an instrument composed of a physical/energetic body, an emotional energy field, and a mental energy field.
    The human instrument also comprises a “Genetic Mind” which it shares with all other humans on Earth. We won’t go into this in detail here except to say that this is not the “collective unconscious” suggested by some schools of psychology, e.g. Jung. Rather, the Genetic Mind is a repository of human knowledge.
    According to the LTO, humanity is a manifestation of souls utilizing a human instrument within the spacetime universe. As briefly stated above, the human instrument is multi-dimensional. It is designed as a vehicle of the soul or individuated consciousness of First Source. The human instrument is the product of genetic engineering on a cosmic scale using a DNA science of which we are only now beginning to discover. Here is a brief quotation from the philosophy of the WingMakers: “WingMakers have produced not less than one hundred thousand variations of the human instrument – all structured around the same DNA template and each scattered across the seven physical universes of our multiverse.” See The Blueprint of Exploration: WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber Three, p. 4.
  8. Advanced Lives. The concept of advanced lives is based on the development of human consciousness along various lines, such as self-identity, moral, spiritual, cognitive, etc. All these lines have levels or stages.
    More esoteric traditions claim that levels of development can be achieved which transcend the known and accepted levels of developmental lines, such as moral, cognitive, spiritual.
  9. Spiritual Practices. Many of the major religions offer spiritual practices (for those who seek a more intense spiritual life) such as meditation, prayer, witnessing, and other psychological exercises, for developing states of consciousness which aid in progressing to advanced levels along various lines of development.
  10. Spiritual Goals. The goal of such practices are variously given as enlightenment, the end of suffering, getting to “heaven,” leaving the gross world behind, etc. Many of these goals are based on the developmental level, cultural background, and historical time of the practice and practitioners.
    Thus, Wilber, for example, posits that enlightenment is relative. As a result, accepting the theory that there is an ancient (original) Central Race of humans, we can conceive of more enlightened humans existing in the multiverse.
  11. The Brotherhood. Continuing this idea of spiritual practices resulting in advanced humans, it is a natural progression to envision the possibility that these more enlightened human beings have formed groups for helping other humans to achieve the same goals. This concept of group consciousness is expressed generally as the Brotherhood.
    According to James and other spiritual transmitters, a Brotherhood of advanced lives exist on Earth and has existed for thousands of years. These transhumans remain in the background of human affairs acting as inspirational guides to any humans as they advance in their developmental lines through the various stages of psychospiritual growth. A key stage is marked by a human’s desire to help humanity along some line, whether it be through science, culture, government, or religion.
  12. The Central Race (WingMakers). The transhumans discussed here are more advanced than we are because they are older than us. These advanced ones are known as the Central Race (also euphemistically called WingMakers).
    It is said that the Central Race was the first group of entities or souls to receive form. These “forms” were not physical bodies as we understand them, but were instead light bodies. Eventually, through some process not explained, the WingMakers designed “denser” forms for exploring denser levels of the multiverse. Through this process they developed a science of genetics and genetic design through the creation of what we know as DNA. The results of their work are found in the human instruments created for the capability of inhabiting a dimension of the universe we know as the third dimension of space-time.
  13. The Lyricus Teaching Order. The LTO is the most ancient teaching organization in the multiverse. Its members are WingMakers, but they are specifically assigned the mission of shepherding the human species to the discovery of the soul. The LTO has already accomplished this on thousands of worlds where the seeds of humanity have been planted.
    According to the LTO, it takes approximately 5,200.000 years for a species to reach the threshold of the soul’s discovery. This event can be likened to the actual birth of a planet’s human species into the “world” of the multi-dimensional cosmos. Prior to this, humanity is gestating in the womb of its planetary mother.
  14. The Grand Portal. This term refers to the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. Quoting from the WingMakers glossary:
    “The Grand Portal is the apex discovery of humanity and ushers in profound change to all sectors of the population. It conjoins science, metaphysics, art, and the superuniverse, placing humanity in a position to embrace all dimensions of the multiverse while existing in the third dimension.” “The Grand Portal is the most profound discovery of a humanoid species because it establishes the species as a member of the galactic community.”
  15. Human Destiny. As can be seen from the previous quotations, not only does the Grand Portal revolutionize humanity’s life on Earth, but it also puts us into contact with our brothers and sisters outside of earth. We ultimately join the galactic community. We might say that it is at this stage that earth’s humanity reaches its destined purpose for being. We do not yet know what this means in practical terms, but it does signal our right of passage into the galactic community, from adolescence to young adulthood.
    The paper Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony contains details about some of the effects on humanity of the Grand Portal discovery. Go to, click on “About” and then select “Purpose and Mission.”
  16. The Dimensional Shift (circa. 2012). In August, 2005, James the Lyricus teacher responsible for introducing Lyricus to humanity, released a paper entitled “The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny” The essence of this paper is that our earth is going to experience a dimensional shift around the year 2012. As of this writing many details of this shift are unknown. We do know that it involves the merging of the fourth dimension with our third dimension. The fourth dimension is the intuitive, feeling sense of human nature. This emerging fourth dimension will bring a new form of light into our sensory range and in effect, change our reality.
    Whether this will be a rapid or slow development is unknown at this time, but one of the major effects will be a greatly increased ability of humans to see what has been mostly invisible to human sight in the past. This newly augmented light will open up the subtle world of ghosts, auras, departed humans, and other intelligences which live in this previously invisible world interpenetrating Earth. The secret behind UFO and ET phenomena may also be revealed by this inter-dimensional merging.
  17. The New “Normal.” According to one source, the new light which will become universally available to humanity, will enable us to see more deeply into matter. This process is generally described as the merging of the third and fourth dimensions. This new light is also described as an evolution in the particles of light. Again, details are presently limited.
    However, it does not take too much effort to imagine the social consequences of such a shift in our reality. If millions of people worldwide can see into another dimension, it is possible that we will gain access to the so-called afterlife. What will happen to the world’s religious dogmas concerning heaven and hell if we are able to “see” our friends and loved ones in another state of existence which is neither heaven or hell? What would be the psychological effects of seeing auras and energy fields surrounding individuals? Might the size and color of these fields change with the emotional reactions of people? Would certain colors predominate if a person was being deceitful? Are there other intelligent life-forms coexisting in the inter-dimensional “space” of our planet? Will we see and access life-forms utilizing these other dimensions to visit our planet? These and many other questions will suddenly bear down on our civilization and create a revolution in human society. Everything from religion to science to culture will be changed forever and this will affect our laws and institutions at every level.
  18. Planetary Crisis. The current geo-political crisis, environmental crisis, and religious/cultural crisis facing humanity will be overtaken by the dimensional shift. The hierarchical power structures will attempt to deny, spin, and control the new normal, but without success. The planetary population will be overwhelmed by their increased sensory response to the formerly invisible phenomena that are suddenly visible for anyone to experience.
    As a result, it is inevitable that new power alignments will take shape. New factions and camps will arise to adjust to our new reality. Some of these will be blocs of resistance and others will be blocs of investigation and enthusiastic desire to explore this new world and new era. Ultimately, the various religious organizations will unite to resist the new current carrying humanity toward the exploration of multi-dimensional reality and the ultimate discovery of the human soul—the Grand Portal.
    The LTO is currently estimating this discovery to take place about 2080. The dimensional shift now occurring and climaxing sometime between 2012-14 is the opening phase of entirely new ground rules for human living. This new era will provide the environment —physical, psychological, and spiritual—for the scientific investigations into other dimensions, and these in turn will eventually lead to the discovery of the human soul.
  19. Galactic Birth. Once Earth’s humanity discovers the Grand Portal we will be free to enter the galactic community. The LTO materials characterize this as entry onto the Sovereign Integral Network. This is a network of light in which Earth humanity becomes an active node. Metaphorically (perhaps literally) we will become part of the universal circuit of cosmic interaction, exploration, and service. Service is included here because every human species which achieves the Grand Portal level of consciousness evolution is destined to aid another planetary world achieve the same goal. This is all part of the Grand Experiment of First Source.

* The following link is a downloadable PDF file of the Foundational Concepts: Foundational Concepts Revised.pdf.

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Intro to Lyricus and WingMakers pt1 - 33:51
Intro to Lyricus and WingMakers pt2 - 29:48

The Lyricus Teaching Order

We have a deep and committed interest in the work of the Lyricus Teaching Order and its current and future projects. Their first known project in the modern era is the WingMakers website, with the abundant amount of materials contained there. Their other project is the LTO site itself, ( is the third and latest project.)

We believe that the LTO site is a very big deal, because it represents the first known admission by the Lyricus Teaching Order that they are real, present, and active on Earth. The fact that they have come forward in a public way on the global network is a positive sign for humanity's future, for we do not believe they would take this step into relative visibility if they thought that we were on the verge of self-destruction.

We hope this introductory overview of the Lyricus Teaching Order's activities adds to your understanding of the amazing times we are living in today. Please let us know what you think by sending your email comments to

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